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Floorfish noise-gate VST

If you're looking for a free noise gate VST plugin, you must first try floorfish. This gate / expander does the job perfectly. Useful for removing background noise, and can be used for more radical gating effects.
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Denoiser 2 Free Download

Autogate VST

A very good free stereo expander VST, use it for de-essing and noise gating.
With the key signal option you can monitor the trigger signal.
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Video Denoiser Free

Steinberg Denoiser Vst, free steinberg denoiser vst freeware software downloads. The DeNoiser Plug-In with its integrated de-hisser delivers surgical broadband noise reduction in real time. The process is based on a continual analysis of the input signal in order to build a noise profile. Alternatively use Freeze Mode to sample a section of audio containing just target noise.

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ReaGate VST

The VST version of the gate effect that comes with Reaper.
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Free Denoiser Plugin For Premiere

Free Vst Plugins Noise Reduction

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