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Aug 14, 2017  Neither. Turbo C is an long obsolete piece of MS-DOS software from 1994 that.predates. the first version (1998) of the language we call C today. Turbo C can’t compile C programs, and Turbo C programs cannot be compiled with C compiler. Dec 01, 2012  Hi there, I'm quite new to SFML, currently looking to learn more about it. One of my favorite things about many modern games is their addition of a 'Windowed Fullscreen' video option in addition to regular windowed and regular fullscreen, where the game appears to be fullscreen, but the user is able to alt tab and have windows floating over the game. Feb 16, 2010 Fixing Full Screen and Mouse Lock issue in Turbo c Windows 7 8 10 - Duration: 2:05. Dumidu Neeshan 34,140 views.

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I am using Windows 7 and IE8. I have two user name accounts set up in my laptop. When I click on this one particular link inside the company website that I work for the page opens full screen when I am logged on under one user name but not on the other user name. I have tried hitting Esc, F11, etc. and nothing will let me exit fullscreen. I can hit Alt + space bar and get a menu but size is grayed out but I can use the menu to minimize to get out of the application but under this one particular user name I can't get the address bar or the - [] + toolbar to show. I have noticed that at the end of the address under the user name that I can see the address bar the address ends with a BHO ending.

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Would anyone know of any tips or tricks that I can use to exit fullscreen mode under that one user name?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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If I use Firefox I can exit fullscreen under either user name. Is there some IE8 user setting that I am over looking?


Did you try to Reset IE settings????
you can find it in Tools ---> Intenet Options-----> Advanced anc click on RESET


Dev C++ Fullscreen Download

once finished clode the IE and open it..

If it doesn't work try the following :

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Go to START ----> RUN and type REGEDIT
and do the following as listed below.

Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERConsole
Modify/Create the Value Name [FullScreen] according to the Value Data listed below.
Data Type: REG_DWORD [Dword Value] // Value Name: FullScreen
Value Data: [0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled]

Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternetExplorerMain
Modify/Create the Value Name [FullScreen] according to the Value Data listed below.
Data Type: REG_SZ [String Value] // Value Name: FullScreen
Value Data: [Modify Value to (Yes)]

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Once finished exit the Registry and restart your pc

Edit by mod. Before you make any changes to the registry, back it up first.

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