Dev C++ Exe Cannot Calculate Output

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Simple C++ program for age calculation
NB:Excuse me experts,this is only for beginners.....

1.Copy the code
2.paste it in a text file
3.save the text file as agecalc.cpp and select file type all with in the text file.
4.paste this file inside your bin folder where the Turbo C resides.
5.Open turbo C and do File->Open->Agecalc.cpp
6.press F2 to save and F9 to compile.
7.press ctrl+F9 to run the program
8.once you have compiled the program search for agecal.exe in your bin folder


C Program to Make a Simple Calculator to Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Using switch.case Example to create a simple calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Usually the 'permission denied' is because an instance of your program is still running. You can use Task Manager to kill it. Ctrl+Shift+Esc to run Task Manager, go to.

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I think that you should probably think about indenting your code a little, so that the various blocks are a bit easier to pick out.

Also, I think that it's generally best to have main() return int rather than void , that way you can check the return value of the program and see if everything went as expected.

So, your code properly formatted, with some other little bits corrected:


@hayzam take some time and read the post from ravenous. there is plenty to be learned there.


I definitely agree with ravenous in that an organized source is always best for you or anyone else working with the code. Otherwise a very good, precise age calculator.

I think you should taken current year and current month and same day using Computer time with help of <time.h> header file because most user want program is made in such way which only gives output without more or unnessary input.

Thanks Man

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vinod insan

these codes are wrong!!!!
My birthday is on 1997 9, and it is 2012 7 now
it says i am 15 year and 3 month old but I'm not
I have a solution for this

Lucaci Andrew140

Assuming your system time is ok, this will calculate an aproximate of your years:

The age calculator is not quite right because it does not calculate the months correctly.
If the current month is less than the birth month then the years are shown as one too many. The months are calculated as 12 minus the birth months, which is incorrect in most instances.
The calculation should be
If (current month minus birth month) > 0 then
years = current year minus birth year
months = current month minus birth month
years = (current year minus birth year) - 1
months = 12 - (birth month minus current month)


Rajeesh.N.Santhu, you made too many mistakes. He is not showing the months correctly. Auto tune settings for singing youtube channel. I am going to rewrite this program in Dutch, and whitout mistakes of course. :-D

Thanks for the idea. I already made a program to calculate temperature scales, I made a program which calculates the average and the sum, I made a program which is showing you random zeros and ones, I made a program which is giving random numbers, I made a mini-game where you can wed coins (beginning with 200 coins), and now I am going to rewrite a program which calculates your age.

I also made an article about a program like this.

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Vishal patil78

A little calculator written in BCX basic and then translated to C code and modified to compile with Dev C++ (GCC/G++). Once you find your way past the standard GUI gibberish you can figure it out.
For those who need some hand holding with the Dev C++ IDE:
In the IDE go to FILE, then NEW, then Project, select Windows Application, give it a name like Calc1 then click OK. A filesave dialog box comes up, create a new folder, might as well call it Calc1, open it and save Calc1.dev there. The DevCpp IDE comes up with a bare bones template, select and delete that and cut and paste this code into the empty editor page. Now compile and run.


Open Exe Dev File



see what you did?! This was my first snippet posted on DaniWeb because you wanted to know what BCX could do!

Dev C++ Exe Cannot Calculate Output File



Dev C++ Exe Cannot Calculate Output Windows 10

A note on header files, the good old workhorse for C++ is the iostream header file, but beware. The one that comes with DevCpp, and likely others too, is a monster. It itself includes other headers, which in turn include more headers and so on. If you follow the internal includes with an editor you find stdio.h and math.h are there too! The result seems to be a rather bloated executable file. So sometimes it is best and cut the middle-man, here iostream, and get a cute and tiny exe file. Just comment out the line
#define CPP_HEADER

Found some time and was able to replace the iostream header. Now this baby has only a 16k footprint, like a little calculator should have.

Gary King37

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I get a bunch of errors when trying to Compile & Run this.

What compiler are you using, and are you compiling this as a Windows Application?


I tried to compile that source code as a .cpp on the DevC++ compiler and I got a few errors, here is a picture of the errors that I got:

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Please help, I would love to have this source code as an example, I am just now getting into GUI C++ Programming.



Sorry for posting in a thread that hasn't had a post in 6 years lol... didn't see it until I posted, but I hope that I could get an answer before a staff member 'fixes' this (As in closes it or deleted my post) if I can, thanks.

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plz i need a scinetific calculator in this code urgently


To saqib_3. If you need something urgently, why bury it in a 12 year old discussion?