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You can customize your Desktop in OS X Yosemite by setting your favorite photo as the background. The first figure shows a Desktop with a portrait of a dog, Zeke, painted by talented artist Jeanne Illenye.

(The next figure shows the default Desktop background.)

Here’s how you can change your Desktop picture:

Mac OS X automatically manipulates how the background appears on your Desktop. If an image conforms to your screen resolution, fine — otherwise, click the drop-down list box next to the well and you can choose to. Tile the background. This repeats the image to cover the Desktop. Oct 24, 2019  Mac mini introduced in early 2009 or later iMac introduced in mid 2007 or later Mac Pro introduced in early 2008 or later Xserve models introduced in early 2009. To find your Mac model, memory, storage space, and macOS version, choose About This Mac from the Apple menu. If your Mac isn't compatible with OS X Yosemite, the installer will let.

  1. From the Desktop, choose Apple→System Preferences.

    Or right- or Control-click the Desktop, choose Change Desktop Background from the contextual menu, and skip to Step 3.

    The System Preferences window appears.

  2. Click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon.

    When the Desktop & Screen Saver pane appears, click the Desktop tab (if it’s not selected already).

  3. Click a folder in the column on the left and then click a picture in the area on the right.

    A picture called Elephant is one of the items in the Desktop Pictures folder.

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You have at least three other ways to change your Desktop picture:

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  • Drag a picture file from the Finder onto the image well (the little rectangular picture to the left of the picture’s name).

  • Click the Desktop tab in the Desktop & Screen Saver System Preferences pane and then click the + button at the bottom of the list on the left. Choose a folder in the standard Open File sheet and that folder appears in the list; you can use any picture files it contains for your Desktop picture.

  • Click the iPhoto (or Aperture) item in the column on the left side of the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane and choose from pictures stored in iPhoto or Aperture.

Change Desktop Background Mac Yosemite

Apple sounded the death knell for iPhoto and Aperture in early 2014. A new app called Photos will replace both sometime in 2015.