Ddj Sb2 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping

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I have Traktor and am set to buy the Pioneer DDJ SB2 but realistically there's not a lot of point unless some mappings become available as it looks way too complicated to do myself.

Keyboard shortcut for accesing menu bar menus os x Jun 28, 2013  Access menus via the keyboard in OS X. OS X does not support a quick-access button for its contextual menu, but there is a workaround that might work for you.

Starting with Deck A (4 descks supported), top/left:




  • FX KNOB 1 -> DRY/WET (FX Unit 1)

  • FX KNOB 2 -> PARAMETER 1 (FX Unit 1)

  • FX KNOB 3 -> PARAMETER 2 (FX Unit 1)

  • Release FX Encoder -> PARAMETER 3 (FX Unit 1)

  • FX Button 1 -> FX UNIT 1 ON/OFF

  • FX Button 2 -> Whatever selected effect provides

  • FX Button 3 -> Whatever selected effect provides

  • Left Beat -> Whatever selected effect provides

  • Right Beat -> NOT USED

  • Effects Panel on Deck B/D is FX Unit 2.
  • Browse Encoder Knob -> Works as expected (PUSH is unused at the moment)
  • Load Button -> Loads track into corresponding deck (and unloads track in preview deck if there is one)
  • Back Button -> Loads and starts selected track into preview deck (press again to unload)(Use the Cross Fader to seek through the preview track) - I have no other use for the X-Fader
  • Shift Combo's NOT USED
  • (Shift) Slip Reverse -> NOT USED

  • Slip -> Toggle FLUX mode

  • Vinyl (shift Slip -> Toggle Vinyl Mode (Native function)

  • GRID Adjust -> Grid Adjust/Tap (if auto analyze gets the down beat wrong, you can correct it with this button - tap 4 beats starting with the downbeat as it should be to correct it)


Pioneer Ddj Sb3 Traktor Mapping

  • Shift Combo's -> NOT USED
  • Deck Buttons -> Works as expected (Native function)

  • Jog -> Works as expected. Some latency, and the display doesn't work yet

  • Master Tempo -> Key Lock

  • Shift Master Temp -> Key Lock (Preserve Pitch)

  • Tempo Slider -> Works as expected, but up/down indicators don't work yet

  • Sync -> Works as expected

  • Shift Sync -> Works as expected

  • Quantize -> Toggle Quantize (Global)

  • Hp laserjet 1000 printer driver for mac os x 10 13 download. Sequencer -> NOT USED

  • Cue/Play -> Works as expected

Ddj sb2 traktor pro 2 mapping ableton


  • Hot Cue Button -> Select Hot Mode
  • Shift Hot Cue Button -> Select Beat Jump Mode (Top Row: +4, +8, +16, +32 Bottom Row: -32, -16, -8, -4)
  • Hot Cue Buttons -> Set/Select Hot Cue
  • Shift Hot Cue -> Delete Hot Cue
  • Pad FX, Slicer, Sampler modes -> NOT USED
  • Capture -> NOT USED

Loop Section:

  • Auto Beat Loop -> Set/enable Loop

  • Shift Auto Beat Loop -> Activate Auto Loop (will latch on to first loop cue point in track)

  • 1/2x Button -> Loop/2

  • 2x Button -> Loop*2(shift combo's not yet implemented)

  • In/Out Button -> Start/End Loop Points

  • Parameter1 Buttons -> NOT USED


  • Mic Section -> Not touched, untested, no idea how this reacts now (might just work because native)
  • Sampler Section -> Not touched, untested, no idea how this reacts now (might just work because native)
  • Sound Color FX -> Can not use (native function, no MIDI signals)
  • Headphone Section -> Works as expected


  • All functions work as expected, with the exception of the CUE buttons - pressing the CUE button will enable the FILTER knob. Use SHIFT CUE to enable pre-listen on headphone.
  • Cross Fader is only used for seeking in the PREVIEW TRACK (see Browse/Load section)Note: when starting Traktor, the hardware faders will not force their position in Traktor. Touch them to do that (haven't found a way to force this yet).

Serato Dj Intro Hardware Disconnected Ddj Sb2

Master/Booth Bnobs -> Work as expected (Native Function)Filter on Main -> Can not be used

OSC Sampler -> Works as expected (Native Function) (no idea yet how we can change the samples as in RB)

To IMPORT into Traktor:

Click Settings, Controller Manager, Add, Import TSI, Import Other, browse to file and load it.It should show as 'DDJ-RZ - Generic MIDI', In-Port & Out-port: DDJ-RZ (DDJ-RZ), Device Target: Focus

Ddj Sb2 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping System

ONLY tested on Mac. Traktor Version 2.11.1 (28)