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Comment by Sleepy_Ghost

this reminds me of my family, not gonna lie

Comment by SwisheFishey

Print and download in PDF or MIDI Cooking by the Book. Check my original compositions: From the Nickelodeon show Lazytown. Please leave. LazyTown - Cooking By the Book Lyrics. I pile on the candy It’s such a pretty sight It makes the food taste dandy But my tummy hurts all night I’ll put in some ingredients Bu.

I'm sitting right next to a bunch of pictures of my family members, they look disappointed

Comment by SwisheFishey


Comment by MinecraftKE Gamer

@user-92802513 deadass honestly

Comment by Shannon

@user-600012864 makes sense 😂

Comment by Shannon

this song packs heat 🥵

Comment by bia nad


Comment by J4Java

cooking by the cook

Comment by milopiano


Comment by Mawtu da new warrior

@david-kiely-658611603 😧


Comment by haley

@eijiro-kirishima-48694138 haha

Comment by ShadowBonnieFNaF

@andre-smith-188831996 lol

Comment by ShadowBonnieFNaF


Comment by karlissad


Comment by Idontknowwhattoputhere

break it down bitch

Comment by uWU IM deAD insiDe

@user-600012864 pro epic gamer move

Comment by floppy fish

@user-600012864 o h-

Comment by georgia duncan

@gwynneth-lewis sup

Comment by Eijiro Kirishima


Comment by IszaTsun

aww man, childhood at its finest

Comment by Carson Campbell

do the cooking by book you must

Comment by Ashlii <3 ðŸx8D­ðŸ¤x8D

Turn around BITCH put that ass on a nigga (I think I found somebody that says bitch harder the. Nba Youngboy)😂

Comment by Little Trapâx9D¤


Comment by DJ OSH

@golden-paws-33447770 cringe

Comment by DJ OSH


Comment by Sir Dylan

I cant stop listening. I need help. Im going to kill myself if this keeps up. Ive been in my room for 4 days. I have to end it now. I cant live listening to this on repeat. I thought heroin was bad. I was wrong. I would rather overdose on heroin

Comment by aangie

this is actually like good though im genuinely obsessed

Comment by OffkeyChaos

Jeez what a meme

Comment by Zeken


Comment by Kaleigh Gant


Comment by Jazzy J 2nd Account

It sounds so much more exciting in German

Comment by Andrei_ANDy


Cooking The Books Meaning

Comment by Legygood123

cause i cant understand it

Comment by Legygood123

can anyone actually traslate this

Comment by Legygood123

if nazis took over lazytown

Cooking by the book song download free

Comment by Dino

please commit die

Comment by PickaxeToTheHead

Can you do a nightcore verson of cooking by the book

Comment by Sari Llama

Fabulous <3

Cooking By The Book Song Download Youtube

Comment by Premier Stingy

You should upload this to youtube, it's awesome :D It'd be cool to have an English version too.

Comment by StewMan46

Fav bit

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Comment by Lillian Grace Wilson

robbie rotten needs this song

Comment by Joula

This is lit fam

Cooking By The Book Remix

Comment by Grey


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Comment by YUNG GRAIN

Cooking By The Book Lyrics

check out my yung goudda mixtape track