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UPDATE 12/18/19: Posting some updated custom builds – Note, there are performance issues being reported by many users. The Boxer builds are running less FPS and some audio is not the same. However – it works on Catalina. If you haven’t tried it yet – you CAN use DosBox…but…we all DO love Boxer 😉

Apr 24, 2020  And even though Catalina works on older Mac systems, Sidecar, as a feature, requires more modern hardware. This means you will need a late. Since Catalina is still in the process of completion and a little buggy, it’ll end up on the App Store soon. If you’ve a Mac specifically a secondary one, you’re good to upgrade now. But it’s limited to some Macs that done though software update or have download macOS Catalina 10.15 DMG file plus there’s a hit. Restart your Mac and try logging in under a different user; Check your Mac for hidden background apps and disable those; How to check your macOS Catalina for hidden processes. There are many so-called daemons or Launch Agents that operate in the background on your Mac. MacOS Catalina review: Mac goes pro, makes iPad a partner. After languishing in the shadow of iPhone and iPad for over a decade, the Mac gets a wave of upgrades and a renewed identity. Oct 12, 2019  Apple’s latest Mac update, macOS Catalina, was released earlier this week, and with it came a flurry of complications both minor and major. For one, this update is the first for Apple to drop 32.

So the latest version of MacOS will no longer support 32-bit applications. Yes…Apple is doing it again like they did with Rosetta support, and other lovely things in the past that get old. They like to move forward, and make you move too (like it or not). To read more about this you can see here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436

Unfortunately…This includes one of my favorite apps: Boxer – An awesome DOSBox Emulator with GUI and MT-32 ROM support. I was sad to see that this application hasn’t been already updated to have the support, so I figured someone might have done it already. Did some Google-Fu and it turns out a person named “Yozy” did it!

Forum I found it from:

File Link:

Github Ticket for adding 64-bit support:

You’ll notice I’ve also posted this information on the Github link in hopes the developers see it and may be able to take advantage of this, or get some help from Yozy to update the main branch 😉

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This app does not have all the features that the release version has, and will not have the release level of product support. In future updates, we will be adding folder/drive redirection, printer redirection as well as support for Remote Resources (RemoteApp and Desktop Connections), and Azure RemoteApp.Additional Notes:Theavailable in the Mac App Store and updated regularly, is our fully tested and fully featured application. Remote desktop windows 10 The pre-release app showcases the new user interface design and features we would like to receive your feedback on. It supports connecting to desktops, remote resources and Azure RemoteApp. This is the app you should usein a live operating environment.Thefor Mac is apre-release appavailable on HockeyApp.

Link to 64-bit Boxer (pre-built from Maddsv2 fork) as of November 7, 2019:
Link to 64-bit Boxer (pre-built from Maddsv2 fork) as of December 7, 2019 with reversions for MT32Emu and Munt:

What does Boxer do?

Boxer plays all the MS-DOS games of your misspent youth, right here on your Mac.

There’s no clots of configuration and baffling DOS commands between you and your fun: just drag-drop your games onto Boxer, and you’ll be playing in minutes.

Boxer takes your CDs, floppies and bootleg game copies and wraps them into app-style gameboxes you just click to play. They’re self-contained so you can back them up or share them with friends. No mess, no fuss.

If your nostalgia demands more, then decorate your games with gorgeous icons and admire your collection from your very own Finder games shelf.

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Boxer is powered by DOSBox’s robust DOS emulation, which means it’ll play almost any DOS game you throw at it.

What’s new in 1.3?

  • Drag the volume up, then down, then up again with a statusbar volume control!

  • Save screenshots to the desktop with an easy shortcut!

  • Zip through boring game intros with the fast-forward key!

  • Paste text from OS X into any DOS program!

  • Gameboxes now remember all your drives from last time, so it’s dead easy to use an extra drive for sharing files between games.

  • Expanded help for installing patches & game expansions and dealing with Windows-only games.

  • Lots of little UI improvements that you won’t consciously notice but which will make your day that teeny bit happier.

  • About six gajillion bugfixes.

Full release notes

Hit the ground playing.

Boxer comes with 4 ready-to-play DOS games to whet your appetite: Commander Keen 4 and demos of Epic Pinball, Ultima Underworld and X-COM: UFO Defense. Bon appetit!

More game demosFor

MS-DOS has never looked so good.

Boxer is designed to look, feel and work beautifully: just like everything else you love on your Mac.

That means Boxer fits hand in glove with OS X: you can launch programs and gameboxes straight from Finder, search your collection in Spotlight, add extra drives in DOS just by drag-and-drop.

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And if you run into trouble, there’s comprehensive built-in help just a click away.

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