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Mac IRC clients are all grown up and have entered the new era of free cloud computing and the Mac App Store. Most apps in this list are free or just a few dollars. This is a radical change from just a few years ago, when the best apps were shareware worth $30 or more. All of these apps are stable and usable, and that reflects not only the multi-year track record of these particular programs, but the overall maturity of IRC itself.

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Colloquy 2.4

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Open source freeware, available for Mac OS X and iOS. Good for novices and advanced users alike. They’ve been around since 2004 or so, and have grown from a lightweight client into a stable, full-featured one that supports not just IRC but also SILC and ICB. This is more than most users will need, as you can transfer files, chat on multiple networks, plaster your screen with mIRC colors, and handle scripting via Applescript.

XChat Azure 1.13.4

XChat Aqua/Azure is OS X native front-end of xchat2 written on Cocoa rather than GTK2. It is based on the Xchat 2 code base and therefore Open Source and Free Software.

Irc Chat App Android

Textual 2.1.1

Available from Mac App Store for $4 (trial version disconnects you every 2 hours). Textual is one of a few truly modern Mac IRC clients, as it uses the App Store, supports Notification Center, Retina displays, and is still being updated regularly (latest release as of this review was November 2012). Textual looks easy and simple, but implements a full array of chat features that are neatly tucked away just below the surface. As a result, the user interface feels “right” and everything makes sense. A new user would feel comfortable thanks to conversation tracking, address books, . On the other hand, an experienced user would be empowered with advanced features like op and oper actions, flood control, tracking of friends, ignoring of foes, logging, channel-specific input history, and scripting via not just Applescript but all the usual languages.

LimeChat 2.33

Free but donations are accepted. Unusually ambitious in being available for Mac OS X, iOS, and even Windows. Many people like the retro, minimalist look that harkens back to the old days (I’m talking 1990s) where multiple channels are streamed together into a single window, and people relied on typed or shortcut commands to do most things. Either you like that look or you don’t, be sure to look closely at some screen caps before you download. A true beginner would appreciate the built-in server list, which lets you get started quickly. However, once you get connected, the minimalist design means that it’s not as obvious to figure out what is going on. This is another of the fully modern Mac IRC clients, with App Store downloads and support for modern features like full screen mode, Notification Center, and Retina Display. Other 3rd party themes are available to change the look.

Snak 5.3.4

$29 shareware every 2 years that supports the charity kiva.org, or else quits after 15 minutes. The price seems out of place in the new App Store world, but remember that Snak dates way back to the 1990s. It used to set the standard for Mac IRC clients because it was streamlined, easy, and yet also supported all the usual features. Well, that was then and this is now. It is hard to recommend Snak now considering that active development ended years ago, and so many free/cheap modern alternatives are now available. For now, Snak still works with Mountain Lion, so we’ll continue to list it here, if nothing else than to serve as a foundation for comparing the newer programs. Snak is very easy to set up and configure. Everything for each channel is contained in one window, and docking windows will allow multiple channels to share a window to maximize limited screen space. Supports both the scripting language from classic ircII for *nix (UNIX, Linux, etc.), so you can tap into the wealth of existing ircII scripts, as well as Applescript scripts. There are also automated responses to events so that you can set up script-like actions without being a scripting expert. Supports multiple connections, and for each connection, uses ircII-style server lists which will automatically try the next server in a list until it succeeds. Guardian feature permits adult control.

10 Best IRC Clients: IRC i.e. Internet relay chat, have grown widely I the context to growth in the world of internet. Internet has played a vital role in making people connected to each other and can communicate very easily. Technology has revolutionised in such a way that IRC has been the main hub to many clients.

Basically, IRC is the protocol-based platforms that establishes a communication channel between multiple computer network. Earlier it was very popular as all the networks were working up to this. It is loaded with the features such as, man-to-man communication, private room or a separated chat room and can also be used in data transfer. Well, there are few IRC clients too that bring all the platforms together across both desktop and mobile which can make you chat anywhere and anytime. Cool! Let’s see who are the 10 best clients for IRC.


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Best IRC Clients for Windows:


Undoubtedly, mIRC is the best client for the IRC. Being the most popular of all, it is quite easy to use this client in context to the features. It starts with the basic details like nicknames, emails etc and server information and you are then connected to the client. You can get connected to the serves which are being configured earlier with the mIRC or can create your own.

Best irc chat app for macos free

mIRC is full of the features that includes multiple configured buddy list, file transfers, connecting different servers, sounds to notify you, system tray notifications and much more. Moreover that, this server is quite good in scripting language that is useful in creating the custom scripts for automation of various tasks and network communications also. mIRC is the shareware program which is available at 30-day trial and can be used with the splash screen at the time of launching after the trial ends.


Best irc chat app for macos pc

When the terms of trust and capability is there, IceChat is used for the same purpose. Extremely light weight and easily accessible chat server development app can be easily available to you. You just have to enter the nicknames of the person and then you are denoted as golden. You will get through various pe-configured global servers which are ready to be get connected or you can create your own server for the same. This server is available for free, hence if you don’t want any load to your pockets then IceChat is the option for you.

Icechat is such a customizable server that can be hacked from the chat fonts to the background colour and by considering the nicknames list as per your consideration and the global theme for the application. Well the differentiated thing that IceChat possesses is the number of plug-ins that are available for the user, these plug-ins can help you access almost all social media tools.

Best IRC client for Mac OS X:


Being the powerful one, in the list of these applications, Textual is so smooth to use. Basically, designed for Mac OS X, offers such an amazing multi-column UI which is delightful in dark and light variants and especially cool on retina devices.

Despite being very beautiful and smooth to use, Textual is fully loaded with features and is very light in weight. This application includes all the modern features such as IPv6 support, full compatibility with IRCv3 specifications and client-side certification. Well you will be happy to know that this application includes several features more than these super technical features, such as, keyboards shortcuts, iCloud syncing, auto completion for nicknames and commands etc. So, going for this client would be wise choice from your side.

XChat Azure

XChat Azure is the free application for the OS X devices that can be connected through IRC networks and is considered to be the good IRC client application with fully packed with the decent features.

This application includes such a nice features that bring ease in connecting to the multiple IRC servers and channels, making the private and commercial conversations effortless. You can transfer media files also through this server. Well, these features bring the application to be the best in IRC Client list for the Mac OS X running computers. And yes, it is also and open source server with the full source code hosted on GitHub, yeah that’s cool!

Best IRC client for Linux


Linux is a complex platform and if you are looking for a powerful chat server for it then WeeChat is a best option for you. This extremely light application works on your fingers and as per your requirements by the presence of various plug-ins and scripts enhancers in the application. Well, the application only consist of the core features and the rest is handled by the plug-ins that come for the support to its functioning.

weeChat’s core features includes multi server capabilities, 7 scripting languages, incremental text search, script manager and much more. Well this was the from the cream of the purpose you can customize the server on your basis as you can change the colour for nicknames based on status, backgrounds and just like that. And when adjusted with IPv6, SSL, and proxy support WeeChat gets better.


Best Irc Chat App For Macos Windows 10

well, when all the clients are confusing with the inclusion of thousands of features to deal with the chat server, HexChat is what offer the simple UI and is making the communicating over IRC such an easy task that can help you to bring the communication pattern easily over the Linux.

When you get connected to the server and want to change it for the purpose you can do that from the server menu option and can get connected to the any of the available channel. Moreover that, if you want to have any of the personal chats to exchange media or perform any individual operations you can access the list of active users too for this. Being open source to the users it is possible that you can face regular updates for the server. You can customize the HexChat as per your requirements and it is well supported by built-in python and pearl scripting support which can allow you to follow various things on it. You can check the user information, network meters, can transfer file and many more things very easily onto this network.

Best IRC client for iOS


Lisp for mac os x. Looking for a simple and easily accessible IRC client for the iOS device than must go for Palaver. This server is loaded with very useful features which makes connecting over IRC using iOS devices effortless and easy.

It is the inclusion of all the modern features which come as IRCv3 capabilities, ZNC integration, as well as full support for the push notifications. A quick search option added to the bar can help you to bring the searched thing out just like you can search for nicknames to the channels and even the user commands. Customization for the notifications and the alerts can be seen. Most importantly, Palaver has the SASL support that make you identifiable to the IRC networks with all the security you need.


Colloquy is the more popular than another client server for the IRC platform of chatting on the iOS devices. You can easily use this server and will find it good because of the numerous features that makes it the perfect for the communication on IRC if using an iOS device.

The features of this server include the push notifications when working with the retina devices and supporting the multitasking for the same. More of that when you are entering any nickname or any emoticon, the auto-correct has your back and completes the command or word by its own.

It offers the combination of chat viewing purpose and the notification purpose for you as an organised way to viewing the chat list and the vibration alert for any new message. Colloquy brings you the modern features of blocking the unusual users, searching the member from the list and many more, making it the best IRC client for the iOS people.

Best IRC Clients for Android


Being the best one for the IRC client in the android field, AndroIRC is a loaded bunch of features that will be amazing to se on android platform. And if it is your want to get added on the IRC through an android device than it is must have app for you.

Starting with this application you would love to have an easy experience of being on the IRC connected to various users and servers. This client offers you the plus icon which will help you in adding the server you want to get connected to it. The dual column UI help you to bring the use of two servers at a time can transfer words and files and may more features can be accessible when you are offered the feature by just wiping and getting shifted to the other window of the chat client. Expanding in the feature AndroIRC Is a set of autos joining of channels on a start, multiple server connection, proxy and SSL support and many more.


Well, AndChat is famous for its out dated and clunky UI but is that much reliable too. You can let this client access your desired server if you want as it is the device that can make you possibly connected over the IRC in the android devices.

When once the connection is done for the client, you can add the server and can bring the start to the chatting. AndChat offers the support that you can just ask from the client and all is in front of you. It includes multiple server connections, SASL compatibility and notifications. And besides all these you can customize your personal chat heads as no one will interrupt you.

Well, I offered all the possible things that can be accessed to be on any IRC client and also by bringing the best of the IRC clients from all platform, choose best for you and be on the IRC channel and stay connected. With more updates on systems and software I will be back, stay tuned and do tell us about your experience with the clients in comment section below.