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Want to learn how to DJ using Traktor? Keen to brush up on your performance skills and use NI Traktor’s software to create your own remixes? Get pro tips and techniques for DJing and mixing tracks with hours of free Traktor Tutorials. With support from DJs such as global megastar Carl Cox, stems looks set to revolutionise digital DJing! The videos are available to stream from the Producertech website 24/7/365, and are available immediately after purchase. Accompanying the course are 2 free DJ Mixtools stems tracks in Deep House. Jul 21, 2016  A Guide to the Best Traktor Controllers. Need help finding the best Traktor controller for your needs? This is a comprehensive guide for Traktor Kontrol: a line of hardware for DJs by Native Instruments designed to integrate perfectly with Traktor software.


Several readers have asked about keylocking recently. This is typical, from Max in Serbia/Montenegro: “I know what keylock does and how it works but I (and a lot of other DJs) have no idea when I am supposed to use it. If there are certain guidelines or ‘rules’, it would be awesome if you helped us get educated about that because there isn’t much info about it on the net.”


If you’re one of those DJs who always looks at that little “keylock” button but feels unsure about how or when to use it, this is for you:

  • Jun 19, 2013  Pro tip: Traktor’s crossfader curve can be adjust in the Preferences. Click the cogwheel again and click on Mixer. Click the cogwheel again and click on Mixer. There you can adjust the crossfader curve from smooth to sharp, as.
  • This information-packed course is the first of many videos in the TRAKTOR Controller Series of Shortee's Complete DJ Method. It works seamlessly in conjunction with her TRAKTOR Software course: “The Complete Guide To TRAKTOR Pro 2” and is essential for building a strong foundation to take your skills to the next level.

What is keylock?
Keylock fixes the pitch of a tune while letting you alter the tempo, stopping the tune getting deeper and deeper as you slow it down, and stopping it getting whinier and higher-pitched as you speed it up.

What’s the point of it?
When you beatmatch two tunes, if one of them is sped up or slowed down too much, it might sound “wrong”. This returns it to its original pitch while still letting you play it faster or slower.

How does it do it?
It uses your computer as a digital sampler, processing and resampling the tune on the fly and feeding it back with its pitch returned to how it is when played at the correct speed.

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So I should just leave it switched on then?
Some DJs do, but the problem is that the work needed to “return” the tune to its original pitch can degrade the sound quality. It happens most when you deviate a long way from the original tempo, so keylock works best when you’re mixing tunes that are close to their original tempos – say, no more than + or – 6% – and with simpler material. Use your ears to judge.

What’s it got to do with “harmonic mixing”?
Harmonic mixing, aided by key-tagging software such as Mixed in Key, is when you mix together tunes that are in the same or related musical keys, for smoother, more musical sets. Every tune has a musical key, but when you alter its speed, as we’ve seen, the pitch and thus the key alter. So if a tune is in the key of C, and you move it up in tempo, it is no longer in C. It may be in C#, or D, or E etc – or just as kiley, between two of these keys. Thus if you were mixing it with another tunes in C, it would sound wrong. Keylock “returns” it to its usual key, making this kind of mixing easier.

So should I use it?
If you’re doing harmonic mixing, broadly: yes. If you’re mixing music that sounds too high or low because you’re deviating from its original pitch too much: try it, but keep an ear on the quality. One tip here is to use it to mix, but as soon as you’ve mixed the tune in, slowly return its tempo to 0% using the tempo slider, then turn keylock off – this will return the sound quality to 100% but still allow you to do the mix you wanted.

Can you do harmonic mixing without keylock?
Yes, but it’s much harder. Best is to use all tunes around the same BPM, but also, every time you add or subtract 6% of a tune’s tempo, you move up or down one semitone (note), which also changes the key to one higher or lower. So a tune in C moved down 6% is now in B. Knowing this, even vinyl DJs can mix in key, as long as they know they keys and BPMs of all of their tunes.

Next week, we’ll look more closely at harmonic mixing, so if this is something you’ve always wanted to have a go at, play with keylock in the meantime and we’ll get you going on harmonic mixing next Friday.

Do you use keylock? What are your experiences with keylock and sound quality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Traktor Pro is a mixer which can be used for making your own free virtual DJ sets in a quite realistic way. The software’s response allows users to make different kind of tricks such as flares, orbits or crabs as if it were real vinyl discs. The novelties of this version include support with different hardware devices and a general improvement of the program’s performance.

In order to use this software you may know at least the basics of DJing if you want to do it right. For this reason Traktor Pro includes some functions to make this task easier than before. It can detect automatically the pitch of each track loaded in each deck. This way you will be able to mix different audio files synchronizing the beat pattern and tempo.

The interface Traktor Pro offers makes it easier to apply different kinds of effects and filters to your tracks. Among the new effects, you will be able to find delays, an auto bouncer and the classic EQ knobs to modify your session in real time. Its compatibility with external devices is definitively good news since the response is pretty high which makes your scratches to sound almost as if they were made with a real vinyl.

What’s new in this version?

Traktor Pro allows you to act as a virtual DJ. In that way, it provides several new features in the last version to assure that feeling. It uses Remix Deck technology which is the most advanced one. You can mix in up to four different decks at the same time with the TruWave colored waveforms. It also includes a new powerful loop suite with 64 slots possible to hold in one-shot sample.

Besides, if you’re a beginner and you’re not used to play any mixer, don’t worry because Traktor Pro offers you a great and deep help online. You can understand how to use Remix Decks from a beginning level to an advanced one. This mixer admits integration and sync with iTunes and IPod. Besides, it has a great flexibility, allowing you to choose your personal style and preferences according to your needs.

Traktor Pro 2.8.1 Features

Traktor Pro has several features which are detailed below:

  • Possibility of integrating this download with Tracktor Kontrol X1
  • Free Metadata Sync able and Key Detention in Traktor LE 2
  • Great stability improvements enhanced with external devices
  • More realistic time code
  • High input warning
  • Flux Mode button included in Deck Transport section
  • New Downbeat Detection for improving your mixes
  • Macro FX combination
  • Select up to 64 loops in this virtual DJ
  • Possibility of adding more flavors
  • The Punch mode included
  • Rewritten Tempo-Tap
  • Mix on up to 4 different decks in the same mixer

If you want to read more information about this download, feel free to visit teh developer's website .

Traktor Pro 3.1

System requirements

If you want to download Traktor Pro, we recommend you to first check its system requirements:

Beginners Guide To Traktor Pro 2 1

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • Memory: 2GB RAM