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BeatSkillz has introduced Beatfactory Drums, a freeware drum rompler virtual instrument including a set of different built-in drum kits that were re-sampled from the MPC 2500.

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Beatfactory Drums contains a set of ten drum kits aimed at hip hop and trap production. The included drum hits sound good and browsing through the available kits is very simple using the drop down menu on the GUI. Since the sample content is embedded in the DLL file, loading different kits will take some time depending on the speed of your computer’s CPU and available RAM. The user interface looks rather nice, sporting twelve clickable drum pads with accompanying volume sliders for each pad, a global ADSR envelope (it is not possible to tweak the envelope differently for each drum pad), global pan and volume controls, and a built-in reverb effect.

The instrument was created with Maize Sampler and comes with the same pros and cons as most of the other Maize based drum romplers. On the positive side, the instrument is fully compatible with Windows as Mac OS, including 32-bit and 64-bit plugin versions for both platforms. It also performs well, without significant stability issues. On the negative side, the instrument comes with a set of pre-made drum kits which can not be combined or expanded with external sample content without purchasing expansion packs directly from the developer. There are no expansion packs available at the moment, however it’s quite possible that we’ll see the first expansion kit very soon. This means that Beatfactory Drums is quite a limited affair at the moment, packing a non-expandable set of 120 drum hits that come pre-loaded with the plugin.

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To download your free copy of Beatfactory Drums, visit the product page linked in the downloads section below, submit your email address and hit the download button. There is no need to verify your email address and the download will begin as soon as you hit the download link. You will automatically subscribe to the BeatSkillz mailing list and receive a welcome email with in-depth information on how to install Beatfactory Drums on supported systems.

If you’re satisfied with your drum sample arsenal and your sampler instrument of choice, there’s not much need to download Beatfactory Drums. On the other hand, beginner beat makers and producers who are looking for a compact drum source to use instead of a fully customizable sampler instrument could definitely benefit from a free product such as this one. If the developer releases a couple of free expansion packs in the future, Beatfactory Drums could become one of the better drum rompler packages on the freeware market.

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Check out the Beatfactory Drums demo video:

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Beatfactory Drums is available for free download via BeatSkillz(178 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi/AUi plugin format for Windows & Mac OS X).