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  • Latest Version:

    Bartender 3.1.7 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

  • Author / Product:

    Surtees Studios Ltd / Bartender for Mac

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    May 06, 2018  Versions of Antares Auto-Tune. After its launch in 1997 till now, Auto-Tune kept updating its features. Last year it launched its 8th version called Auto-Tune 8 which got quite an appreciation from the professional musicians. Auto-Tune 8 acquire the best features which make it working in the Graphic mode and Automatic mode. Auto tune 8 vst free.

    Bartender 3.zip

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    Bartender for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac

Download bartender.live and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎- Easily discover drinks you can make with the ingredients you have at home! - Search and browse over a thousand cocktail recipes, with more added almost every day.

Bartender for Mac lets you organize your menu bar icons, by hiding them, rearranging them, show hidden items with a click or keyboard shortcut and have icons show when they update. There are many ways to configure Bartender for macOS as you wish. Give it a go and find out!
Features and Highlights
macOS Mojave Ready
It fully supports macOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.
Updated UI for modern macOS
The Bartender Bar now displays in the menu bar, making it look like part of macOS.
Keyboard navigate menu items
With the program you can keyboard navigate menu items simply use the hotkey to activate then arrow through them and press return to select.
Search all menu items
You can now search all menu items, allowing you quick access to a menu item without looking for it. Simply use the hotkey to activate or control click the app menu item and start typing.
Completely rewritten for modern macOS
It has been rewritten for modern macOS. Using the latest technologies and best practices the tool is more reliable, capable and lays the foundation for future innovations.
Take control of your menu bar icons
With the app you can choose which apps stay in the menu bar, are displayed in the Bartender Bar or are hidden completely.
Hidden menu bar icons
Hidden items can be shown whenever you want, by clicking on the Icon or via a hot key.
Show menu bar icons in the menu bar when they update
Set up apps to display their menu bar icons in the menu bar for a period of time when they update. Allowing you to see whats happening, or take important action.
It can automatically hide menu bar icons again when you click on another app
Works with Dark mode
It works great in light or dark mode
Keyboard Navigate your menu bar icons
Keyboard navigate menu icons; simply use the hotkey to activate then arrow through them and press return to select.
Search menu bar icons
You can search all menu icons, allowing you quick access to menu icons without looking for it. Simply use the hotkey or control click the Bar tender menu icon to activate search and start typing.
Order your menu bar icons
With the app, you can set the order of the menu bar items, both in the menu bar and the hidden items, simply by ⌘+dragging the items. So your menu bar items are always in the order you want.
If you want a really clean look and privacy, It can also be hidden.
Note: 4-week trial version.

Sounds good? Well it looks good too.

Bartender features

Customize the macOS menu bar


The app acts as a mini bar of its own, letting you choose which icons stay in the main menu bar for Mac and which go into the collapsible Bartender bar. This cuts down the desktop clutter while keeping everything at hand. Even the Bartender icon itself can even be hidden for a completely minimalist approach.

Reorder all icons

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Set the order you like for your menu bar items as well as Bartender bar by simply pressing ⌘ and dragging the icons. Rearrange and hide apps on the fly for a minimalist and focused work environment.

Notice app changes

The menu bar can be handy for keeping tabs on your apps as they update or change status. Bartender includes a feature that automatically displays app icons while updating, syncing, or showing an error. Once the process is resolved, they disappear again. This is a great way to be notified about the updates without causing a mess.

Search menu items

Bartender comes equipped with a search feature, so you’ll always be able to access the icon you need. Regardless of how you choose to order the icons, you can always click the search feature and start typing to find the app you’re looking for. This function is a perfect antidote to the confusion of a jumbled menu bar.

Make your own hotkeys

Bartender supports hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts for those who prefer typing to clicking. Choose the appropriate key combo to activate the menu bar and call on apps without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Use keyboard for navigation

Activate any items in your menu bar and go through them using the arrow keys and pressing Enter to open. Finally, you can easily check the most essential information and work with your open apps while keeping focus on the task at hand.

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