Auto Tune Pro Vs Waves Tune

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Sing Feb 15, 2019  TIL: Trey Parker had to deliberately sing off key to get auto-tune to work, saying 'If you use it and you sing into it correctly, it doesn't do anything to your voice.' Trey Parker had to deliberately sing off key to get auto-tune to work, saying “If you use it and you sing into it correctly, it doesn’t do anything to your voice.” Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies which uses a proprietary device to measure and alter pitch in vocal and instrumental music recording and performances.5. Aug 25, 2016  The way Auto-tuneworks is if you’re singing off key by one or two notes (on either side), it’ll bring you back in key. For example, if you’re supposed to hit a C note and instead hit C#, Auto-tune will bring you back down to C (or if you sing a B note, it’ll bring you up to C).

11th October 2018

Auto Tune Pro Vs Waves Tuner

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Apr 12, 2020  This is a informative video about music. And singing production. What is autotune and difference between Auto Tune and Pitch Correction. Using Cubase Pro 10.5, Pitch Correct, vari Audio 3. While Antares' Auto-Tune has been the market leader in this area ever since its introduction, Celemony's Melodyne has a significant and growing presence (although a further serious contender, Waves Tune, was reviewed by Jem Godfrey in the November 2006 issue of Sound On Sound).

App NameAntares Auto-Tune AppFile Size153.7 MBDeveloperAntares Audio TechnologiesUpdateMore than a year agoVersion8.1.8RequirementMAC OSXAbout Antares Auto-Tune App for MAC. Download for free now on Apps4Mac.comAntares Auto-Tune for MAC Latest VersionAntares Auto-Tune 8.1.8 – Download for Mac Free. Before you download the.dmg file, here we go some fact about Antares Auto-Tune that maybe you want to need to know. Free auto tune app for imac.

Auto Tune Pro Vs Waves Tune

Edit: PLEASE DELETE TOPIC! I didn't notice the autocorrection on the title. Can't fix it now, I created a new topic:
Melodyne (Editor) vs AutoTune Pro vs Waves Tune
Hello musicians,
I got myself Logic Pro X and wanna record over already existing beats (for now, I wanna learn producing myself later on).
Therefore I want a pitch correction plug-in to optimize it and be able to transform the pitch as the song continues (This song (first part) is a good example:
I've read through every topic I could find on the net, still I'm not sure, so here goes a thread for my particular case.
My budget isn't that high so the options are Melodyne Editor, Waves Tune or AutoTune Pro. Currently Waves Tune runs an offer where you can get the Vocal Bundle (including WavesTune, DeBreath, Double, Renaissance Axe/Channel/DeEsser) for only 89€ (on another page 69€). On the other hand Melodyne Editor costs 377€, AutoTune Pro 349€. I know all of them are good. Unfortunately I'm in the need to choose.
Workflow is a nice thing, but to a certain degree I'd cut it for the plug-in that does the best job and lets me be creative. From what I've read Melodyne is the best choice (espacially since ARA2 for Logic is out), but is the Editor version too much of a restriction (it misses the Sound Editor /Multitracks) compared to WavesTune/AutoTune Pro?
I could still upgrade to Melodyne's studio version later on but Editor would need to be enough for vocal pitching (for now).
Any helping information is appreciated.

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