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If you loaded your VSTs from the c:Program Files (x86) folder into Studio One under the 'Locations' tab, this is more than likely your 32-bit plug-ins. If you need to install a different bit-version of Studio One, you can do so by downloading the desired version from your my.presonus.com account under My ProductsSoftwareStudio One.

Installation and Compatibility

***Important Note***: Our plugins (and all other 3rd-party plugins) are only readily compatible with 'Professional' versions of Studio One. If you have an 'Artist' version of Studio One, you'll need to get the VST and AU add-on from Presonus and install it in order to load our plugins in Studio One Artist.

If your Antares plug-ins are not showing up in Studio One (64-bit), please be sure that you have installed the 64-bit VST or AU version of the plug-in.

If your license is for an older 32-bit version, you may need to first purchase an upgrade, or alternatively, use Studio One 3 in 32-bit mode.

Autotune Plugin For Presonus Studio One

The installers for older versions of our plugins can be found here.

Scanning for plug-ins

Autotune For Presonus Studio One

If you have installed a compatibleVST plugin, and that plug-in is not showing up in Studio One, please follow these instructions to resolve the issue:

1. Startup Studio One, click on the Studio One menu, open Options, and click the 'Locations' icon.

2. Select the VST Plug-ins tab.

3. Make sure the 'Scan at startup’ box is checked.


4. Click the Reset Blacklist button, then click Yes to confirm.

5. In the Locations listing below, make sure that the following plug-in folders are in the list. If they're not, click Add and browse to these locations to add them to the list.

Auto Tune For Presonus

For VST2 Antares plug-ins:

C:Program FilesCommon FilesVST2 (add this if you're using the 64-bit version of Studio One)

C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesVST2 (add this if you're using the 32-bit version of Studio One)

For VST3 Antares plug-ins:

C:Program FilesCommon FilesVST3 (add this if you're using the 64-bit version of Studio One)

Auto-tune For Presonus Studio One

C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesVST3 (add this if you're using the 32-bit version of Studio One)

Presonus Autotune Download

6. Click Apply and Ok.

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7. Quit and restart Studio One.

30 Free Plug-Ins Including Auto Pitch Correction, Dynamics, And More

As part of this update, their MFreeEffectsBundle is now available free. MFreeEffectsBundle includes;

  1. MAGC
  2. MAnalyzer
  3. MAutoPitch
  4. MAutopan
  5. MBandPass
  6. MBitFun
  7. MChannelMatrix
  8. MComb
  9. MCompressor
  10. MEqualizer
  11. MFlanger
  12. MFreeformPhase
  13. MFreqShifter
  14. MLoudnessAnalyzer
  15. MNoiseGenerator
  16. MNotepad
  17. MOscillator
  18. MOscilloscope
  19. MPhaser
  20. MRatio
  21. MRecorder
  22. MRingModulator
  23. MSaturator
  24. MStereoExpander
  25. MStereoScope
  26. MTremolo
  27. MTuner
  28. MUtility
  29. MVibrato
  30. MWaveFolder
  31. MWaveShaper

Presonus Studio One 4 Autotune

It would be an impressive bundle if paid for, but as a free bundle, it’s well worth grabbing. Melda even give an option to extend the plug-in features for a small price.

Many of these plug-ins include multi-channel audio and M/S options.

Autotune For Presonus

They are available in AAX, Audio Units and VST.

Presonus Autotune

Check out the Melda website it’s well worth supporting them.