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There's finally an Auto-Tune app for Android phones, the latest addition to a meme that won't go down easy. It's been used for megahit web series, Saturday Night Live digital shorts, Facebook status updates and Chatroulette pranks. It got even more exposure to the masses when an iPhone app hit the Apple App Store courtesy of music artist T-Pain and master music app developers Smule. MicDroid for Android is a work in progress and it isn't as snazzy as the iPhone's I Am T-Pain app, but it'll get the job done with pre-recorded sound samples.

Just put your mouth up to the mic, record yourself singing something, then use the supplied options to pitch and tone correct to your satisfaction. You're just a few touchscreen taps away from potentially joining the ranks of today's YouTube viral video makers.

Jay-Z tried to say a year ago that Auto-Tune was D.O.A. but given the release of MicDroid and the popularity of I Am T-Pain, Auto-Tune fans of the world can go on and brush that dirt off their shoulders.

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Auto Tune App Screamer

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