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In the last article we showed How to Transfer files from Mac OS & Android MTP via USB , But its not possible to carry our USB cable all the time. So, In such cases we can share files from Android device to Mac OS even wirelessly! over WiFi. Sharing files between Mac OS & Android over WiFi doesn’t require any Internet or cellular data connection and is really fast using the Share It app. In this tutorial we will cover How to Transfer Files from Mac OS to Android or from Android to Mac OS X over WiFi by Share It app .

Pre – Requisites / Requirements –

Your computer must be running Mac OS X 10.7 and up. Your Android device must be running Android 3.0 and up. Instructions: Move files by USB. Download and install Android File Transfer on your.

  • Share It app for Android should be installed on your Android device –
    Click here to Download Share It App for Android from Google Play Store.
  • Share It app for Mac OS X which should be installed on your Mac OS Machine –
    Click here to Download Share It App from Mac OS App Store.
  • Install Share It app on both devices.

We will divide our tutorial into two parts –

  1. How to Transfer Files & Documents from Mac OS X to Android over WiFi.
  2. How to Transfer Files & Documents from Android to Mac OS X over WiFi.

Part . 1 – Method to Transfer or Share files from Mac OS X to Android over WiFi by Share It-

ShareIt on Mac OS X

Important – This method Requires both your Mac OS X & Android device to be connected to a common WiFi Network . The Common Network must not be coming from(hotspot) from either of the devices (Mac OS X or The Android Device) which are transferring files. We Recommend connecting both the devices to a 3rd Party WiFi Network e.x a WiFi Router , or a Hotspot created by a non-transfer involved Android Hotspot.

  • Connect both the Sender (Mac OS X device) and Receiver (Android Device) to a common WiFi Network.
  • Now First launch the Share It app on Mac OS X either through Applications folder or via the Launchpad. It will look as shown in the alongside image. (Do make sure you do not close / minimize the app) .
  • During our tests the Scan & Connect option wasn’t visible on Android Phone, hence we did the following steps –
  • Launch Share It app on Receiver Android Phone and now you will see “three vertical linesat the top right hand side , tap on it and select the Option “Connect to PC Option” as shown in the below image –

    Tap on the “Connect to PC Option” , now it will give you a Radar view on your Android Device with your Mac Device name. Now tap on your “Mac Device name” in the radar view on the Share It android app as shown in the image below-

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    Tap on the Screen icon on your Android

  • Now, On your Mac OSShare It app it will ask you for permission to share files , Here tap on “OK” as shown in the below image –

    Once you have clicked on OK button, it will now display you a connected screen as shown below –

  • Now Open Finder app and select the files which you want to transfer to your Android device. Simply Drag & Drop” files on to this ShareIt window! Your files will be successfully copied to your Android device as shown! –

    Drag & Drop Files on Share It window

  • That’s it! Congratulations You have successfully transferred Files from Mac OS X to Android over WiFi.

Part . 2 – Transferring Files & Music from Android to Mac OS X via WiFi –


Transferring Files & Music from Android to Mac OS X again could be done via 2 Methods –

  1. Using ShareIt WebShare , ShareIt App required only on Android Sender. (Mac OS X Connected to the Android Sender HotSpot)
  2. Both Devices Required to be Connected to a 3rd Party WiFi (ShareIt App Required on Both Android Sender & Mac Receiver).
Android file transfer for mac os x 10.5.8

1 . ShareIt Webshare Method to Transfer Files from Android to Mac OS X

Note – Unlike the above method this method doesn’t require a 3rd party WiFi device , your Android device itself will act like a HotSpot WiFi and we need to connect to that WiFi on your Mac.

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  • Now, First open the Share It App on your Android Sender device. Click on the Vertical lines on the top right hand side and select the option “WebShare” .
  • It will now open a viewer tab, here select the files which you want to transfer to Mac and tap on “Send” as show in the image below –

    Tap on Send After tapping Send

    It will now show you the Procedure to be done on Mac OS X device as shown –

  • Now on your Mac OS X , Connect to the WiFI network mentioned in the Android Share It app screen.
  • After connecting to the mentioned HotSpot, Open any web browser Safari or Google Chrome on your Mac OS Machine.
  • Now, Type in the URL / Link along with Port mentioned in the second step on ShareIt Android app.
  • Here you will see all your content, which was shared via the app – Simply Click on the Download icon beside the app as shown below –

    Check the URL Tap on the Down icon

  • Once you tap it the file will be downloaded or we can say successfully copied from your Android device to your Mac OS Device!!

Impportant Note – For Transferring Files from Android to Mac OS without Webshare method –

  • Make sure that both Mac OS X & Android Sender device is connected to same 3rd Party WiFi.
  • First Open the Share It app on Android device, and tap on “Send”.
  • Now Open the Share It app on Mac OS X device.
  • Again return to your Android device and Select the Files which you want to Share to Mac OS Device and after you’re done selecting the files tap on “Send”.
  • You will see a radar view on the Android device, Tap on the Mac device name.
  • Return to the Mac OS X Share It App to accept the files!

Cngratulations! You have now successfully shared files betwen your Mac OS X device and Android phone. If you face any problems or encounter any issues feel free to comment.


People, who are using Mac, may still opt for Android smartphones owing to their stylish designs, operating systems as well as comparatively lower prices. In most cases, we may need to move pictures or other files from Android phones to Mac computer so as to release the internal storage.
Sometimes, we may fix this case with ease because to transfer Android data to PC can be done with USB cable. That is to say, connect device to PC/Mac and then drag them in/out of Android disk so you can finish it. However, we cannot do that all the time with all data. Besides, even though transfer photos from Android to Mac is a little bit tough, here are two simple solutions for you.
  • Method 1.Easily Transfer Files to Mac via TunesGo for Mac
  • Method 2.Guide to Transfer Photos to Mac OS X via Android File Transfer

Method 1: Easily Transfer Files to Mac via TunesGo

The first method that will be illustrated here is to utilize TunesGo for Mac which is contributed to backing up phone data and managing those data, such as add/export/delete contents. To backup Android photos to Mac, TunesGo is a good option for you.
Step 1 Get this program on the computer and then connect your device to computer via USB cable. If the connection failed, please check whether you have enabled USB debugging or not.
Step 2 Once your phone is successfully connected, you can hit the 'Backup photos to Mac' option to transfer all Android photos to Mac. If you just want to transfer some, click 'Photos' option on the middle of the toolbar, then all pictures in your device will be scanned and shown in the main interface. Tick those that you tend to transfer and click to export. You can also choose the folder to save the photos backup. In a while, you can check the selected photos backup in the computer.

Method 2: Guide to Transfer Photos to Mac OS X via Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a handy app that you can install on Mac to transfer pictures and other files like music, movies, etc from Android devices to Mac. In the following article, we will show you how to transfer photos from Android to Mac easily.
Step 1Download and Install
Download Android File Transfer app and set it up on your Mac. After installation, drag it into 'Application' folder.
Note: Android File Transfer recognizes devices running Android 3.0 or later and compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
Step 2Connect Android to Mac via USB Cable
When you run the program, a box will pop up asking you to connect Android device to the computer. Plug Android phone in Mac via USB cable.
Step 3Preview Picture Files
Once the device is recognized, check the two folders 'DCIM' and 'Pictures' to view the photos stored in the phone.
Step 4Start Transferring Photos

Android File Transfer For Mac Os X 10.6.8

Free Android File Transfer Windows

Open 'DCIM' or 'Pictures', click those files you need and directly drag and drop the images from Android to Mac.
As you can see, with the help of TunesGo and Android File Transfer, you can easily transfer pictures from Android smartphones to Mac. If you are using other more convenient apps, please share with us.

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