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Welcome to the Allegro 5 Wiki!

Allegro is a cross-platform game programming library written in C.

Programmers (contributors) to Allegro quickly developed it into a multi-platform library. Today you can use Allegro under DOS (DJGPP, Wacom), Windows (MSVC, Wingw32, Cygwin, Borland), Linux (console) Unix (X), BeOS, QNX, and MacOS (MPW). You can see that the great power of Allegro comes from the fact that it is supported by a large.


Read the Quickstart to learn how to install Allegro and create a simple program.

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Tutorials & guides

  • Allegro Vivace - the Allegro library tutorial


  • Allegro.cc reference manual - Includes useful references to forum posts, but is often out-of-date.

Getting help

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Allegro on StackOverflow (Q&A)
  • Search the Allegro.cc forums

Developing Allegro

Dev C++ Tutorial For Beginners

We welcome contributions to Allegro from anyone.

  • Open an issue if you'd like to report a bug or suggest a feature.
    • Even better, fork the repository and submit a pull request.
    • Check first that nobody's submitted the same issue or pull request.


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