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Synthesizer Alchemy’s flagship product Camel Audio, which is absolutely possible in the formation ofsound, will make your dreams a reality.Synthesizer has exclusive and virtually inexhaustible possibilities, and at the same time easy to learn, thanks to competently rebuilt interface.Modern sound library gives you a chance to explore new dimensions of musical space from the air pads and multi-layered texture to fat basses and leads.

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  1. Alchemy Player Free Download

Alchemy is ideal for those who want to quickly and easily get the original sounds.Perform section contains the most important parameters for the selected preset, making the process of change available.Panel Remix Pad allows you to quickly try different variations.
The factory library contains more than 3GB of exclusive samples and a set of more than 600 presets from famous around the world sound designers.Coupled with 8 carefully tuned Variations per preset, you get 4800 presets.Note that the sound of the widest range from soft spheres to extraordinary arpeggios.All sounds are divided into categories for quick access to the sound that you want.Also available are additional libraries.

Alchemy Player Free Download


Alchemy allows you to manipulate sound like no synthesizer or sampler.It is equipped with the most powerful additive engine with a very accurate resynthesis.With Alchemy is also possible spectral and granular synthesis methods along with sampling and sale of the advantages of fat analog engine.It’s like five sintezatorv in one bottle.You can import their own samples in the formats SFZ, WAV or AIFF.In addition to the above, in Alchemy implemented a wide range of analog filters, flexible rack that includes both well-known effects of CamelPhat and CamelSpace, and new.The innovative modulation system is extremely flexible and at the same time easy to learn.

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The Alchemy integrates a powerful arpeggiator with the ability to import a MIDI file for immediate synchronization for your track.

Alchemy synth download

Is there any way I can still download Camel Audio's Alchemy for Windows? I'm already really familiar and comfortable with the mobile interface and really would like to use it with my desktop. I couldn't find a download/buy anywhere since they shut down. Author: Camel Audio Download Alchemy Player free VST plugin Downloads Alchemy Player is a free version of the full Alchemy VST plugin synth. This little player sounds extremely amazing and detailed. A combination of pre-recorded audio with synthesis results in some stunning sounds in this synth.

However Alchemy marked protsessra low consumption of resources.This synthesizer was developed about 4 years, a huge team of programmers and designers
Version: 1.25
Platform: PC (x86.x64)
Tablet: Is present (patch)
Format: VSTi.RTAS
System Requirements: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 6GB HD Space, VST / RTAS 32-bit or 64-bit host

How to install?
1) Remove the previous version;
2) Set the synthesizer; At this stage, you can choose a place where you will put all the presets and samples Alchemy (factory library, add-ons and your custom presets stranded);
Installation of factory preset banks picked up automatically.
3) After all the settings, use the patch

This release includes:
– Alchemy v1.25 x86 Installer (VSTi and RTAS)
– Alchemy v1.25 x64 Installer (VSTi)
– Latest Alchemy Factory Presets
– Alchemy v1.25 Patch.
We strongly recommend that you remove all previous versions. Delete files, and registry keys will take care of our patch.
After installation of the library you will be asked key. Just click Next, for our release does not need this.

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