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65 downloads, 0 Comments: sequencer, utility, other, beta: Old-school step sequencer for 'map' control of parameters. The rotary controls are intended to be controlled via Ableton's 'remote control' mapping - from a set of MIDI Controller sliders, for example. I'm trying to find a simple step-sequencer for MIDI. I'm personally terrible at working with the piano roll and my workflow lends itself to building off a simple square grid, then modifying it from there. Mar 25, 2007  To clarify: Presets can only be applied on an instance of the Covert Seq. Meaning, you hotswap the whole sequencer rack for another. Only use hotswap, because any other method will break the automation that drives the sequencer. The reason I ask, is because I'm working on the 32 step version of the Covert Seq.

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Hi folks,
Looking at what is available for editing midi clips on the launchpad, i could not find exactly what i was after.
So i put some energy in improving the existing Python scripts for the launchpad and added a step sequencer in the mix !
As this wasn't enough I also added a Device Controller. I also Recently added an Instrument Controller aiming at replacing the user mode 1 (plain old user mode 1 is still available as sub mode of the user mode 1 button).
You can download the package there : Ableton Step Sequencer Download
http://motscousus.com/stuff/2011-07_Nov .. hpad95.zip (Launchpad, S and Mini. MK2 RGB supported)

Ableton Drum Sequencer

http://motscousus.com/stuff/2015-12_Nov .. _Pro95.zip (Launchpad Pro)
The documentation is available at : http://motscousus.com/stuff/2011-07_Nov .. e_Scripts/
and here for the Pro : http://motscousus.com/stuff/2015-12_Nov .. e_Scripts/
for the coders out there, i try to maintain an up to date version of the code on github :

Ableton Step Sequencer Download Windows 7

i also opened a slack channel so that developers that want to join the effort can. feel free to request access: https://launchpad95.slack.com/messages/general/
feel free to comment, test, bug report ! have fun with it !

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