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This site details a Native Instruments' Traktor mapping designed for Ableton's Push called Trash (get it?).To jump right in, download the mapping, follow the installation instructions, and refer to the documentation to learn the various modes and commands. Contact me at flosaic at gmail dot com with any questions or comments. I hope you have as much fun playing with it. I was torn between purchasing the Push 2 and Maschine Studio. In the end I chose the Push 2, largely due to convincing by staff in my local store. However, I’m now regretting my purchase and wondering whether I should have got the Maschine. There sounds on Maschine seem to be more geared towards hip hop.

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Ableton push 2 user mode traktor pro display download

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Ableton Push 2 User Mode Traktor Pro Display Download

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Ableton Push 2 User Mode Traktor Pro Display System

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