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Ableton auto tune live on presonusI'm wondering if anyone could help me out, myself and my band mates have been fretting over this for a week and we thought it's about time to ask people who actually know what there on about.
Basically, we are trying to get a vocal sound, for recording and live use. The sound we're trying to replicate is similar to this sound:
myspace.com/casiokidmusic - demo1
We're are pretty sure it's an auto-tune? but used way-over-the-top, but we have no clue on how to replicate this sound.
The vocalist is using a mac laptop for live use to process his vocals, and we would be great full if anyone out there could point us in a helpful direction on how to replicate this sound for live use and studio use.

Auto-tune Hardware

For example recommend any plug ins etc,.
We're using Ableton Live 6 as-well if that is any more help
So, yeah if anyone could help us out, it would be very much appreciated
also, we know that a lot of producers and professional studios kind of see this as a bit of a taboo, but it would be great if you could help us out.
Thanks once again.Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum and to ableton, having tried the demo last weekend. A week of minimal sleep later and I am a happy live 8 owner..
Anyhow, I am a hobby/project studio owner like I'm sure many here are and can't see me doing music for a living any time soon, however that doesn't mean I don't take it seriously! I'm looking forward to picking up tips and ideas from all of you in time.
My setup consists of a Mac, Live 8, Logic, Maschine, several vsts, iPad (touchAble- good god, how cool is this..!?) some hardware boards (Fantom X8, V-Synth, Tyros 3) and various other bits and bobs. I am really enjoying how live allows me to improvise and just generally be creative, especially if I don't have a track fully mapped out in my head before I start. I intend to create ideas in live, then move them into logic to finalise the arrangement and mix, however as I get more familiar with Live's arrangement view this may change. I will probably use Logic for vocals though until Live has comparable track comping features, but thats by the by.

Auto Tune For Ableton Live Plug In

The only thing I feel i need to complete the setup now is something to tweak my admittedly sometimes pitchy vocal tracks. And I mean TWEAK, I'm not trying to be T-Pain, thanks very much.. I have looked around and it seems Melodyne is the tool for the job, however I am unsure as to which version to get. I don't think I need the DNA features as most of my work is midi based, with the possible exception of guitars. I can just tweak the midi in a track if I want to tweak individual notes in a recording. That leaves me between 'assistant- €200' and 'essential- €100'. The essential will restrict me to adjusting pitch and timing only, whereas assistant allows formant, and more advanced voice character and 'warping'esque features.
Do you think Live's audio warp would make a good stand-in for the extra features in Melodyne Assistant, or should I just pony up the extra €100 for it? Surely Essential will do the job and I can spend the rest of the money on beer? Also, how stable is melodyne in Live in your experience?
Many thanks for your help,