Ableton 10 Cpu Spikes Mac

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Cpu starts at 25% (ableton meter) and flashes up to 60/70% even when playing a single note on an init patch. Buffer is set to 256 (44100). The problem appear to be the same on vst or au. Question: Q: Ableton/Kontakt - CPU spikes and crashing Hey all, I've always had issues with Kontakt on my laptop (2014 MBP), piano library packs play fine (Imperfect samples & Alicia keys) then suddenly ramp up to over 120% CPU and cut out the audio. CPU spikes and glitches in Ableton 10.1 en-us. I'm having big troubles trying to run Massive X on Ableton 10.1, the CPU goes crazy even with one note of polyphony and no filters/FX. On Reaper it seems to work fine. Macbook Pro i7, mid 2015 -16gb ram. MacBookPro11,4 Mac Os 10.13.6 Internal. 6 Comments 6 comments. Feb 03, 2017  Note: Version 10.3.2 addresses these issues! I recommend updating to this version. 1st of all: Thanks to Apple for Logic Pro X, its frequent free updates and its continued development that adds new features and underscores its leading position among many musicians. Purpose of this thread is to collect your opinions and experiences with the latest Logic version (currently 10.3.

  1. Ableton Cpu Load Meter
  2. Ableton Cpu Requirements

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I'll start out by saying that I recently built a desktop PC.
I am running Windows 7 and 32 bit Ableton Live 9 Suite (because not all plugins are 64 bit).
2 TB data hard drive (G) (samples and projects here)
128 GB SSD (C) (applications here)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface
ASIO4All driver

Ableton Cpu Load Meter

When I play back my projects, it starts out using a normal CPU amount (10-20%). Over time, it gets higher and then starts to spike to over 100%. This leads to dropout and even higher CPU readings.
I look at my task manager, and CPU usage is normal throughout (around 20%).
There is also an Ableton Index which uses about the same CPU percentage. If I Collect All and Save to (C:) rather than (G:), the index percent goes to 0%)
Ableton 10 cpu spikes machinesI collect all and save to my local drive (drive C) so to eliminate the possibility of the problem being caused by files being stored on separate drives.
This does not work.
Drivers are up to date.
VST's are all legit (not torrented)
I've defragged all HD's, backed up to external drive, restored and reinstalled everything, played with different buffers and latencies. NOTHING WORKS
My only conclusion is that the problem is caused by a problem with my audio settings (somehow)

Ableton Cpu Requirements

Help me please?!? I've been trying to figure this out for weeks