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Feb 28, 2014  It simply inserts (bad word maybe) a delta into the PDAF calculation for any lens with the common chip (all Nikon 24-120 f4g lens will get the same delta applied, for example). AF-fine tune says that anytime the PDAF algorithms return a focus distance of x.add a correction to that of y. Question about 'Auto Focus Fine Tune' on D7100. May 27, 2016  Tried a couple different Nikon zooms and this is the message I get when I try to auto fine tune any of my lenses. D500 Message 'Auto AF Fine Tune Is Not Available At Current Focus Settings' Discussion in 'Nikon' started. I also did some additional research and found out that not only does the D500 have to be on single point auto focus. Lesson 18 – AutoFocus Fine Tuning (Back Focus and Front Focus) By easyexposure August 9, 2012 - 3:58 am February 2, 2014 Photography Lessons In this photography lesson I will show you a simple method of testing auto focus in your camera, see if you have front or back focusing problem and how to do an AF fine tuning. Most of my lenses hardly needed fine tuning with the D810 body! Logic says that should not be the case, because my lenses have not changed. I am sure many of you have gone through with your Auto focus fine tuning process with your new D810. I would like to know your thoughts.


Camera bodies and lenses are factory calibrated by default, but sometimes they require further adjustments to achieve better results when focusing. With the Nikon's AF fine tune feature on supported models, you can manually make precise adjustments to fix any focusing problems.

In this 12 minute video, photographer Steve Perry explains the auto-focus calibration techniques in depth, particularly on Nikon bodies such as Nikon D5, Nikon D500, and Nikon D7500, which have the latest Nikon AF system. This technique may also apply for the new Nikon D850, as it will most likely have the same AF system. Unfortunately, this technique is not applicable to older Nikon camera bodies, including Nikon D810.

Focus Tune Instructions

AF fine tune is not a mandatory process for everyone, however, if you are experiencing front or back focusing issues, then you should calibrate your AF. By the way, need for calibration doesn't mean that you have a faulty camera body or a lens, it’s just a tweak that you should apply once for specific camera – lens combinations. Openoffice for mac review. If you want to learn more about back or front focusing, don't forget to read David Strauss' post about focusing issues.

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You can either use pro-calibration tools, such as LensAlign, to fine-tune your system, but you can also achieve successful results with this step-by-step guide, that includes all camera settings and AF target use. You can also download the target image from this link, to give it a try with your own setup.